Local, Federal Investigators Look Into Fatal Iowa School Bus Fire

A school bus fire near Oakland, Iowa claimed the lives of​ ts​ driver and lone student on board, a 16-year-old girl. They were the first two school bus-fire fatalities in known state history and the first nationally since a drunk driver crashed head-on into a converted church bus near Carrolton, Kentucky in May of 1988.

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First Take: Putting Your Money Where Your Lap-Shoulder Belts Are

Children will drown if their school buses submerge in a body of water. They won’t have time to evacuate during a school bus fire. They will be forced off the school bus and into a less safe ride to and from school because of decreased passenger capacity. On average one student’s life will be saved a year while costs of new school buses skyrocket. 

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NASDPTS Shares Correct Use of MDTs on School Buses

The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services Annual Conference featured a discussion on National School Bus Specifications and Procedures guidelines as well as real-world experience on the correct usage of tablets and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) on school buses.

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