The Road Less Traveled

When the 2015 academic year began in Fort Wayne, Indiana, roughly 7,000 students were left at the bus stop without a ride. 

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Rotary Lift Heavy-Duty Lifts, Light-Duty Lifts and Lift Accessories Now Available for Streamlined Purchasing Through NJPA

Madison, Ind. – Rotary Lift’s industry-leading vehicle lifts are now available through the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) purchasing cooperative, allowing government fleets to streamline the buying process and efficiently outfit their maintenance facilities. Rotary Lift products are part of the NJPA “Fleet Services Parts and Equipment” category, and are offered through NJPA contract.

Roundup: Drivers Face New Regulations, A First Day SNAFU and Rap Ban

As students head back to the classroom, school bus drivers throughout Tennessee face new regulations this school year, specifically for how drivers handle phone calls, a response sparked by the fatal bus crash in Knoxville that killed two children and a teacher’s aide. Other regulations include ramping up procedures for railroad crossing, continuous training for bus evacuations, and increasing drivers training time. “Anytime something like that happens we want to make sure we try to learn from it and grow from that tragedy,” said Carter County Schools Transportation Director Wayne Sams, citing the crash as the reason for the several changes in the established regulations.

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EPA and NHTSA Discuss GHG, Fuel Economy Phase 2 Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) settled in Long Beach, California outside of Los Angeles on Tuesday to hear public comments from various stakeholders concerning the proposed Phase 2 standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

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Push to Raise Minimum Insurance Levels for Buses Still Alive

The push to increase liability insurance minimums on private commercial motor vehicles has regained momentum from a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, garnering support from a number of colleagues and restarting the debate over financial responsibility of transportation companies. 

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NHTSA Asked to Study School-Bus Seat, Seat-Belt Integrity

The School Bus Manufacturers Technical Council has petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine if the structural integrity of the school bus seating and restraint system needs to be changed, stating that it is in the best position to undertake an analysis of FMVSS No. 222. The request came in response to a National Transportation Safety Board recommendation regarding three-point belts for school buses.

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