Preschool & Head Start

Showing Restraint

A common theme runs through conversations about special needs transportation for Head Start through high school: Build on good community relationships that lead to successful mobility. The earlier the preparation, the easier it should be when it comes time to obtain funding or become compliant.

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August 2014

08STN Digi-CoverSchool bus operators are increasingly faced with stretching budget dollars to purchase today's vehicles, which come with hefty price tags. But new technology on those buses can help student transporters track and recoup those costs over the lifetime of the vehicle, meaning money can actually be saved in the long run.

Head Start Reductions From Sequester May Impact Bus Drivers

Since sequestration hit March 1, headlines have blared about looming staff layoffs and service cutbacks in National Head Start programs serving low-income preschoolers. Yet the ripple effect from slashed school budgets would impact not only Head Start families but also those of staff members, such as administrators, teachers and school bus drivers.

Group of U.S. Senators Seek Support of Head Start Funding

Thirty-three senate members signed on to a letter sent earlier this month urging support for the Child Care and Development Block Grant to keep funding alive for Head Start and Early Head Start programs amid recent discussions in Congress to cut funding.

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Safe Routes to School has School Bus Implications

Though not exactly the preferred type of federal funding, program available to enhance school bus stops, school zones while promoting child fitness

It’s well-known that the number of overweight children and teens has continued to rise over the last two decades. The Centers for Disease Control report that 15 percent of teens today are obese compared with only 5 percent in the 1960s, due in part to a lack of physical exercise.

While some 25 million public school students are on the yellow bus to and from school each day, about the same number of children find some other means of getting to class. That used to entail a good share of walking or biking, but kids these days aren’t even doing much of that anymore. Many parents often just give their kids a lift in the family car on the way to work, explains Doug Hecox, spokesman for the Federal Highway Association.

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