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Massachusetts Experiences Rare Tornadoes

Massachusetts residents were hit by an unexpected tornado last week that left three people dead and sent student transporters scrambling to provide service to students who were displaced by the storm.

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NHTSA Updates School Bus Seat Belt Final Rule with Three Clarifications

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published three proposed changes to the October 2008 final rule on seat belts in school buses centering on how the height of occupant torso belts are measured, integrated seat belts for wheelchairs and the self-latching requirement for seat cushions.

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Alabama Seat Belt Study: Money Best Spent Around School Bus Danger Zone

Gov. Bob Riley, his appointed study group and officials at the Alabama Department of Education were presented with findings from a three-year school bus seat belt study that found occupant restraint systems are not as cost effective as making improvements to the danger zone while loading and unloading students.

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