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Security Onboard

The March 11 bombings in Spain in which 198 people lost their lives remind us that the world remains vulnerable to terrorists. 3/11 now joins the lexicon of 9/11 as the world community continues in a death struggle with terrorism.

Colorado Insurance Pool Moves Against Non-conforming Vans

DENVER - Despite effort by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and pending legislation by a Colorado congressman to ban their use, the Colorado legislature has steadfastly declined to phase out 15-passenger vans used in school transportation. Now, the self-insurance pool that insures about 130 of the 178 school districts in Colorado has taken matters into its own hands.

Substitute Drivers: Undisputed Challenge

In preparation for writing this article I looked up the terms substitute and drivers in the American Heritage and Dictionary and Thesaurus. Substitute is defined as "one that takes the place of another" and driver was defined "as a person who operates a motor vehicle". In addition, substitute driver is defined in the 1995 National Standards for School Transportation as "A driver who is not assigned to a regular route, but is employed to provide immediate coverage when necessary due to driver absences or emergencies.