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Roundup: Blatant Duplicity and Flashing Guns

A Dauphin County, Pennsylvania teen who collected more than $4,000 at the website “Go Fund Me,” in order to “assist with his purported injuries” after an assault at a school bus stop—turned out have fabricated the attack.

The 15-year-old male student claimed that he was assaulted while standing to wait for his school bus, telling authorities a car approached and struck on the head from behind with a metal rod. This all turned out to be made up.

According to police, to assist with his purported injuries, the teen set up a “Go Fund Me” account that earned $4,300 in donations. Obviously, he was caught. The teenager was charged in juvenile court with filing a false report and theft by deception.

The court ordered the boy to pay restitution to the people who donated money. He was also ordered to complete 75 hours of community service.

A man posed as a law enforcement officer and pulled over an Austin-area bus that had one Anderson High School student on board. AISD Police Chief Eric Mendez reported that the man did not have emergency lights on his vehicle, describing as a black Chevrolet Tahoe that looks like many commonly seen unmarked police vehicles.

The man flashed his headlights at the bus to get the driver’s attention, who opened her door while stopped at a red light. The man, seated in his vehicle, asked about the bus driver’s route.

After the driver dropped off the student, the man pulled the bus over again and boarded the bus, asking about the route. The suspect wore black military-style pants, an orange shirt and had a holstered handgun. The bus driver reported that the man said, “I am getting paid by the city. I am not a vigilante or an a**hole.”

When the bus driver questioned what agency the man worked for, he told her “DEA,” later saying he worked for the CIA as well. The bus driver asked to see his credentials, at which point the man got off the bus.

Cameras on the bus captured images of the incident, but they are too distorted to get a license plate number.

Police, though have now issued an arrest warrant for John Mikel Humphries, 29, the man who allegedly pulled this scam. “In my 26-year career, I’ve never seen someone as brazen as stopping a school bus and entering a school bus here in Austin,” Chief Mendez said. “Thankfully, no students were on board.”

A school bus driver and a motorist were detained following a road rage incident in Philadelphia, state police said. The incident happened on an area expressway, authorities reporting that the driver of a BMW sedan pulled to the shoulder to confront the bus driver, who he claimed was tailgating.

When the BMW driver attempted to board the bus, the bus driver flashed a handgun. No children were on the bus, which is owned and operated by Durham School Services.

State police were not aware of the school district the driver was contracted for. Both drivers were detained, but state police waited to review footage from the bus’ surveillance camera before pressing charges.

A spokeswoman for Durham School Services said that because the incident is under investigation, she would not be able to answer questions about the bus driver.

A 14-year-old kid was out for a bike ride when he saw a gun at a school bus stop. So he called his grandma, who took one look at it and called the cops. “I was glad the way he handled it, not touching it and calling me right away,” Roxanne Valenti said.

The police thanked the two for calling to make sure little kids didn’t touch it since the weapon was found at a school bus stop right across the street from a gun shop that had recently been robbed.

“A little tiny kid could’ve picked it up and shot himself,” the 14-year-old kid said.

Turns out, the gun was dropped after a previous robbery had taken place at the Gun Barn. Police reported that four men wearing gloves and masks smashed through the front glass door then stole 23 handguns.

The found gun was dropped during the getaway.

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