Thursday, June 8, 2023

July 2009

COVER STORY: The Future is Now at Girardin: Diversified school bus company celebrates 50 years in industry and is poised to build on its success

TOP STORY: Buried Treasure: No ‘X’ marks the spot, but stimulus opportunities do exist for pupil transportation

Desegregation Busing of Youngest Students Not Just About Transportation, Author Says


Driving it Forward
New pre-cons, preparation and presenters key in driving industry at this year’s STN EXPO

The Great Divide on Going Green
Alternative fuels usage is on the rise, but they have yet to see widespread acceptance

Becoming More Efficient
Funding cuts and new technology may spur transportation towards field trip software

Looking Back…
The trends and events we saw in one tough economic year

Leadership Profile: Setting a Shining Example
Victoria Creech of Orange County, Fla., has dedicated her life to enhancing child safety, school bus training opportunities


June 2023

Electric school buses are front-page news in the student transportation industry. From energy infrastructure and charge management, scaling of...

Buyer’s Guide 2023

Find the latest vehicle production data and budget reports, industry trends, and contact information for state, national and federal...


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