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September 2022

Transportation staff at Dayton
Public Schools in Ohio realize
the power of technology.
Photo courtesy of
Tyler Technologies.

Head back to school informed on the latest in the world of student transportation with the September issue of School Transportation News! Learn more about student safety at bus stops, how fleets are utilizing digital communication, the arrival of new GPS & tracking technology that is revolutionizing the student transportation industry and more!

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Cover Story

Use Case
The “internet of things” takes shape on school buses to meet operational demands and improve service. 


Seeking Safe Exits
The worst thing school buses can get tangled with at stops are the students who are trying to exit. 

Road Talk
School buses are already communicating with other vehicles, road infrastructure and the electrical grid for a safer, more efficient future. 

Give and Take
V2G projects nationwide demonstrate both the promises and the concerns of school buses acting as mobile power plants. 

STN EXPO Reno in Review
Browse photos, meet the inaugural Innovation Choice Award winners and head online for all of the coverage. 

Ad Index

Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Technology Lessons Learned from Chowchilla 

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Concerns About Getting Kids to School Safely 

Thought Leader by Linda Bluth
Competing Challenges 


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