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PHOTOS: Industry Updates, NASDPTS 50-Year Legacy

A panel featuring founding members of the National State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services opened day two of the association conference, which also featured updates from around the school bus industry.

The panel featured Diana Hollander, NASDPTS president and Nevada’s state director of pupil transportation; Tom Cellitti, retired president of IC Bus; Charles Gauthier, retired chief of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s School Bus Program and former NASDPTS executive director; Ron Kinney, consultant and past NASDPTS president; and Bill Paul, founder of the NASDPTS Supplier Council and founder and CEO of School Transportation News.

Later in the day, NASDPTS attendees received analysis on Kansas’ survey on the loading/unloading or Danger Zone, how student transporters can help combat human trafficking through Busing on the Lookout, and research on the impact of lap/shoulder belts on student behavior.

NAPT held sessions on such topics such as workplace culture, bell times, high-risk situations, school choice, emerging technology, driver screening and Wi-Fi’s impact on student behavior.

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