Free Webinar: Electric School Buses in California

A once in a lifetime opportunity exists today with funding coming to California school districts for electric buses over the next six to twelve months. This webinar, presented by A-Z Bus Sales, ADOMANI and Blue Bird, will dive into some real-world data and answer the most frequently asked questions regarding…

Recorded: How Do You Afford New School Buses in Times of Austerity?

The talk in transportation is always about having safe and reliable school buses. However, the reality is that finding the funds to purchase new buses to support safety and reliability has been increasingly difficult as capital funding has been more difficult to provide. 

Recorded: Does the Autonomous Future Include the School Bus?

School Transportation News presents a free webinar on May 25 to discuss the evolving topic of school bus safety technology amid new crash mitigation solutions and national conversation on autonomous vehicles. School buses will, or at least should, never be completely automous or driverless. Adult supervision will always be necessary. But…

Recorded: Propane Buses - The Smart Choice for Schools

School Transportation News will host a free webinar from the Propane Education & Research Council on March 9. Focused on propane autogas and its general benefits, the webinar explores the details of how propane can help schools and organizations meet sustainability goals and remain profitable.