Micro Bird by Girardin Invests in a Major Expansion in Canada

DRUMMONDVILLE, QC Canada — Micro Bird by Girardin, the only manufacturer of school and commercial minibuses in Canada, is expanding its installations located in Drummondville, company officials recently announced.

Established in the region for over 50 years, the company acquired this additional space to support its growth. The construction of the 115,000 square feet expansion, which began in November 2019, is expected to end in spring 2020.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Micro Bird by Girardin intends to increase its efficiency and improve its manufacturing operations. Currently, the warehouse is 3 km away from the assembly plant, which makes procurement difficult. The processes will thus be facilitated with the improvement of the reception and shipping of parts.

To explain it in plain language, Steve Girardin, president of the company, adds: “It’s like a carton of milk: when you have to go and get it from the grocery store, it’s much less practical than having it in the refrigerator!”

Planning to Support Growth

Micro Bird by Girardin gives itself the means to maintain its current and future growth. The company has always focused on quality and innovation, which made it successful for over the five decades.

“Today’s investment takes us to another level and provides the best experience for our employees and our customers. We are experiencing record years for deliveries and we intend to continue on this path!” noted Girardin. www.microbird.com