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Round Up: Guns on School Buses, Driver Abandons Kids on Route

Three incidents this month questioned school bus driver oversight, as well as student and parent behavior.

On Wednesday evening in Berkeley, Missouri, a parent reportedly boarded a school bus and pulled out a gun after a fight between students, reported FOX 8.

The fight was the result of an ongoing feud between the girls.

The bus driver and two monitors tried to stop one parent from boarding the bus. One of the adults broke the bus door window and gained access to the bus while armed with a gun. He was on the bus for around 30 seconds.

The parent was later arrested by police. The school district, according to the news segment, is working to improve safety on the school bus, including increasing the number of security officers.

Prior to that incident, another gun was reported on a school bus on Feb. 6.

A 7-year-old boy brought a loaded 9 mm handgun on his school bus in Huntersville, North Carolina. He was charged this week, reported

The boy reportedly communicated threats toward two students on the bus and pointed the gun at them. It was loaded with 15 bullets.

It is unclear how the boy obtained the weapon. However, the boy will reportedly be charged with weapon law violations, aggravated assault and communicating threats against a person.

His punishment will be handled by the juvenile courts. His parents have not been charged and the investigation remains ongoing.

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Meanwhile, another incident on Feb. 6 occurred in Newark, New Jersey, when a school bus full of children was abandoned in the middle of its afternoon route, reported ABC News.

The school bus driver was driving with a reported suspended license. When she was dropping off students from Avon Avenue School, she drove the bus home, parked the bus and walked out.

The school bus driver reportedly told the bus attendant to complete the route.

Families were worried about the whereabouts of their children. Police officers responded to calls of the abandoned school bus and took the children to a police precinct until their parents could pick them up.

Newark Public Schools reportedly announced it has removed its vendor, Mercy USA, from transporting its students. The bus driver was issued a summons for driving with a suspended license.

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