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Netradyne Introduces GreenZone Score Enhancement to Boost Driver Advocacy and Safety

SAN DIEGO, Calif.- Netradyne, an industry-leading SaaS provider of artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and full-service telematics provider focused on safety and driver coaching for commercial fleets, today announced the expanded rollout of new patented DriverStars called Driver Streaks and Driver Dispute to seamlessly enhance and habitualize safe driving skills by focusing on positive reinforcement.

Netradyne has expanded its innovative patented DriverStars and Driver Streaks to reinforce safe driving behaviors. Once a positive (durational) measurement is achieved by a driver, Netradyne’s Driver•i devices automatically capture video and award a Driver Streak, a subtype of DriverStars within the Netradyne system. Examples of possible Driver Streaks include a Stop Sign Streak, achieved when a driver stops at consecutive stop signs or a Safe Speed Streak, achieved when a driver completes a significant total of monitored driving minutes without going above the set speed threshold.

Driver Streaks also includes consecutive driving while being distraction-free as well as maintaining a safe following distance during their trip. Additionally, Driver•i recognizes driver actions like creating space for a vehicle on a street shoulder or achieving separation by slowing down and automatically awards a DriverStar, which has a positive
impact on drivers’ GreenZone Scores. DriverStars can also be initiated by safety managers or earned through positive driving performance and reaction.

Easily accessible through the Driver·i portal (IDMS) and in the Driver App, Netradyne is also introducing a new Driver Dispute feature that allows drivers to dispute a claim they perceive as inaccurate. With the turnover rate of long-haul truckers averaging a whopping 94%, empowering drivers with this capability can aid with job satisfaction and retention. Safety managers are notified when a driver has submitted a dispute for a particular alert and can work with their drivers to understand the concern while helping them feel heard.

“Netradyne goes way beyond identifying risks. We’re driver advocates. We empower fleets to celebrate the skill and thoughtfulness their drivers demonstrate daily. We’ve seen proof that positive reinforcement and continued performance training make a big impact on fleet safety results and overall safety culture”, says Adam Kahn, president at Netradyne. “A recent case study of 100 global customers over 90 days showed a direct correlation between DriverStars and improved safety. With a 72% increase in DriverStars, their GreenZone Scores increased by 20%, and they dropped severely risky events by 65% and moderately risky events by 34%. That includes an 81% decrease in speeding and a 22% decrease in distracted driving, which are highly correlated with accidents.”

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the reduction in phone calls and issues since implementing the Driver•i system,” said Skip Wood, EVP at Sharp Transit, “If we continue to prioritize our attention on drivers highlighted by the GreenZone alerts and scores (both high and low performers), we will see a dramatic improvement in overall performance.”

About Netradyne:
Netradyne harnesses the power of Computer Vision and Edge Computing to revolutionize the modernday transportation ecosystem. Netradyne is an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, immediately improving driver behavior and fleet performance and setting commercial vehicle driving standards.

Driver•i, Netradyne’s AI fleet camera system, detects potential hazards, helping drivers make safer decisions and reducing risky behavior by up to 96%. Netradyne’s relentless pursuit of technological advancements and its unwavering dedication to improving road safety have positioned the company as a leader in the field. With its innovative AI and ML-based IoT solution, Netradyne continues to empower organizations worldwide to create safer road environments, protect lives, and build a sustainable future.

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