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School Transportation’s Most Powerful Web-Based Routing Software Released for Free Test Drive

Schenectady, N.Y. — Transfinder Corp. is making its new browser-based Routefinder PLUS solution available to both existing clients upgrading from its current Routefinder Pro product as well as school districts using other software that are interested in experiencing PLUS firsthand.

PLUS is packed with major capabilities that the industry has been clamoring for in recent years as routing has become increasingly more complex. PLUS allows users to easily edit maps, conduct full calendar-based routing, safe routing that takes into account a vehicle’s approach for each stop to ensure student safety and a built-in report writer to create customized reports.

“This is the product the industry has been waiting for,” Transfinder President and CEO Antonio Civitella said. “We’ve shown aspects of what PLUS would have to clients at our conferences in the past. And the room routinely erupts into applause. PLUS surpasses anything Transfinder has ever done before and, therefore, anything that any company in this space has developed.”

Transfinder is strategically rolling out the solution to select Transfinder clients and is making PLUS available for test drives to non-client districts with reputations for being early adopters who will put the product and Transfinder to the test.

“For the first time, I want non-client districts to feel, see and touch our routing software for free,” Civitella said. “These non-client districts will not only be testing our software, they’ll be testing the Transfinder Experience, and by that, I mean the award-winning white-glove treatment we give our clients.”

The COVID-19 crisis has heightened the need for a feature-rich browser-based routing product like Routefinder PLUS that would allow schools to build and edit routes and maps remotely.

“Having access to all the tools they normally have at their office now at their fingertips while in the safety of their homes is a game-changer for schools,” Civitella said.

This is Transfinder’s second bold move in recent weeks. Last month, Civitella announced he was making Transfinder’s two-way communication tool Stopfinder Communication available to all school districts in North America free of charge for the remainder of the school year to assist with communications during the COVID-19 crisis. The app provides a secure platform for school district officials and parents and guardians to communicate with each other, including sharing documents and photos.

“What we’re seeing across the country is everyone stepping up to the plate and doing their part to help their communities. This week during a national COVID-19 Best Practices webinar we conducted, I personally thanked all those in transportation who are on the front lines in serving their communities. They are heroes just like our medical and emergency workers are. And it is important that we all do our part. This is Transfinder’s part.”

To learn how to get started using Stopfinder, call 888-427-2403 or email

About Transfinder
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Schenectady, New York, Transfinder is a national leader in intelligent transportation systems, providing transportation management systems and services to municipalities, school districts and adult care facilities. Transfinder, an Inc. magazine “fastest-growing company” for 11 consecutive years, has offices in Austin, Texas, and Shanghai, China. The software company, named a Best Place to Work and Top Workplace, develops and supports routing and scheduling solutions for optimal transportation logistics. For more information, visit

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