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Superior Energy Systems’ Propane Autogas Dispensers are Increasing

CLEVELAND — There is a growing network of propane autogas refueling locations in Canada, thanks in part to the availability of interactive, safe and easy-to-use refueling dispensers from Superior Energy Systems.

“Our Canadian customers have waited patiently for a certified and advanced autogas refueling solution, and we delivered,” said Derek Rimko, VP of operations for Superior Energy Systems. “School districts, in particular, are enjoying the reduced cost and emissions benefits of propane autogas through the installation and intuitive use of our dispensers.”

Superior Propane, Canada’s largest provider of propane and related equipment and services, has a vast network of propane autogas dispensers across the country. Superior is expanding it’s refueling infrastructure by installing approximately 15 Superior Energy Systems refueling dispensers in five provinces, and plans to add additional dispensers in 2019. The dispensers were purchased from National Energy Equipment, Inc., a Superior Energy Systems distributor.

“Superior Propane is committed to expanding refueling infrastructure to make propane autogas even more accessible to Canadians looking for a low-cost, low-emission fuel alternative. Superior Energy Systems has exceeded our expectations by providing our customers with unsurpassed technology, required certifications and the utmost in customer service,” said Rick Carron, VP of sales for Superior Propane, which is not affiliated with Superior Energy Systems. “We have additional units on order, with multiple options available to fit our customer’s needs.”

The growing number of dispensers purchased by Canadian customers is due in part to Superior Energy Systems’ recent Measurement Canada certification. Measurement Canada, similar to the U.S. Weights and Measures Division, is responsible for ensuring accuracy in the selling of measured goods, developing and enforcing the laws related to measurement accuracy, approving and inspecting measuring devices and investigating complaints of suspected inaccurate measurement in Canada.

The certification verifies that Superior Energy Systems’ propane autogas dispensers are legal for trade and custody transfer, in commercial and retail applications. Superior Energy Systems became the first U.S.-based company to earn that approval.

Also encouraging growth is the Canadian Alternative Fuels Act, which mandates that 75 percent of motor vehicles operated by all federal bodies and Crown corporations operate on alternative fuels. According to the Canadian Propane Association, Canada is the world’s 10th largest producer of propane, making the fuel readily available and economical. Propane autogas has the largest refueling infrastructure of any alternative fuel in Canada.

In addition to the Measurement Canada certification, Superior Energy Systems’ retail dispenser line, including the PRO-Vend 1000; the web-based, customizable PRO-Vend 2000; and the PRO-Vend dual hose units are also certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to CAN1-12.4 and UL Standard 495.

About Superior Energy Systems, Ltd.

For more than 40 years, Superior Energy Systems has brought together engineering, manufacturing, construction and safety expertise to focus on operational excellence. We provide the best in turnkey LPG and NGL systems and infrastructure solutions, as well as safety and compliance training. We have manufactured more bulk plants and trans-shipment terminals throughout the United States than any other company and have over 1,000 autogas dispensers located across North America. In addition, we design, engineer, construct and service vaporizers and mixers, rail towers, metering and odorant skids, and stand-by fuel systems. Visit its Cleveland headquarters or learn more at: www.SuperiorNRG.com

About Superior Propane

Superior Propane is Canada’s largest provider of propane and related equipment and services, with more than 150 distribution points to efficiently serve commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential customers virtually anywhere in the country. We are focused on providing technical and digital innovations that add value for our customers, such as wireless tank level monitoring, as well as online account management through: www.mySUPERIOR.ca

In business since 1951, Superior is headquartered in Mississauga, Ont. Canada, and is part of the Energy Distribution division of Superior Plus LP. Superior Propane employs more than 1,500 Canadians and delivers over 1.5 billion litres of propane annually.

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