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Treker Goes Back to School with the “Ahead of the Curve” Initiative

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Today Treker announced its “Ahead of the Curve” Initiative which introduces an even more robust offering to help districts and transportation departments as they prepare to safely re-open schools in the fall. Treker understands the enormous task ahead of administrators and has been hard at work developing new features that are advanced, yet simple to use, and pose no additional cost to clients.

Treker’s four recent innovations include:

Contact Tracing — Report Every Treker portal comes with a Covid Tracing Report. If a child tests positive for Covid-19, an admin can instantly pull a report to see all students who rode the bus with that child on any days in question. With vital information at their fingertips, districts can take immediate action.

Face ID Check-in — Students can now check on and off the bus simply by looking at the driver’s tablet. The child’s face is matched to a picture provided by the parent or school information system. Face ID lessens the chance of spreading the virus by reducing hand-based activity such as swiping an RFID while boarding. It also saves districts money by eliminating the need for check-on hardware like cards and readers.

Health Pass — Newly added to Treker’s mobile app, this feature enables parents to update their child’s health status every two days. Green, yellow and red identifiers allow drivers and school admins to quickly note a rider’s wellness level. The Heath Pass also serves as a helpful reminder for parents to regularly monitor the health of their youngsters.

Instant Messaging — This feature allows admins, drivers and parents to communicate one-to-one or one-to-many. This can be crucial in the event of an emergency. For example, a dispatcher can notify all drivers in real-time if a school goes into lockdown. Or, a driver can hit one button to immediately let an admin know a rider isn’t feeling well. It also comes in handy for more common situations like a late bus. Administrators can communicate with all parents, parents of one particular route, or one parent. Parents can also communicate via the app.

Understanding that many district budgets have been cut, Treker has also adopted a “bring your own device” policy. Districts may have pre-negotiated pricing with carriers that allows them to receive tablets at a low, or no, cost. In this case, Treker can provide their industry-leading software and districts get all the benefits of Treker for a low monthly fee. “Our mission has always been to get students to school and home again safely, and we don’t want budget cuts to get in the way of that,” said Thy Tang, Treker founder. “Since the pandemic began we’ve been working on solutions to reduce the cost of the service and provide more safety features. The technology we’ve added will make our clients’ jobs a little easier and help keep kids safe.”

About Treker
Treker is a transportation communication platform that touts a proprietary, hands-free check- on system for riders, an intuitive app for parents with two-way communication, a tablet for drivers, and portals with robust reporting for administrators. With a mission to get all kids to school and home again safely, every day, the company continually innovates on behalf of those who have a hand in school travel. For more information, visit Treker.com.

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