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ALC Schools Renamed EverDriven to Better Reflect ‘Heartbeat’ of Transportation Service

Citing frequent confusion in the industry regarding the alternative transportation service the company provides school students, ALC Schools said it has formally changed its name to EverDriven.

Mitch Bowling, EverDriven’s CEO, told School Transportation News on Wednesday that a common assumption was that the company was a school district. He responded to questions asked following the company announcement earlier in the day that seeks to better align the brand with the company’s vision for the future.

“On top of that, [ALC Schools] didn’t lean into the heartbeat of the service we offer or the teams that work hard every day to deliver that service,” Bowling continued. “We felt it was important to make sure that our company reflected our service offering, our mission, and our people in a more robust way, and we believe EverDriven does that flawlessly.”

The new brand inherits 2,700 newly added drivers this year that operate in 500 school districts located in 27 states and Washington, D.C. The company, according to Bowling, has transported 10,500 students over 21 million miles during the 2021-2022 school year.

“This is something we are enormously proud of and reaffirms the leadership role our company plays in the student transportation industry,” he added.

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In terms of communicating the name change to existing customers and partners, Bowling said emails were delivered on Tuesday before the news hit the wires and was published in the June edition of School Transportation News magazine.

“[Hearing the news from EverDriven first] was very important to us as we value the relationships we have very much,” said Bowling.

EverDriven also announced Wednesday the appointment of Courtney Zell as the company’s new vice president of marketing. She started in April, according to her Linkedin profile, and previously worked as head of marketing for Sightline, brand marketing director for Vasa Fitness, and global brand marketing director for Western Union.

“We are thrilled to have Courtney join our team,” said Megan Carey, EverDriven’s chief development officer, in a statement. “Courtney’s achievements in the development and execution of marketing strategies and initiatives, as well as her passion for the customer journey, experience, and loyalty, line up exactly with both our mission and vision here at EverDriven.”

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