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American School Bus Council Facebook Page Gets a Makeover

The American School Bus Council (ASBC) is spreading the love — “Love the Bus,” that is — all year long by expanding its presence on Facebook, Twitter and other key sites. The council redesigned and rebranded its Facebook page to lengthen its campaign celebrating the yellow school bus and to spark dialogue.

ASBC Coordinator Clark Barrineau said the council is posting new content on Facebook almost every hour to keep the school bus community apprised of the myriad issues affecting them.

“We’re really ramping up our communication efforts in 2012 and trying to use technology to advocate and promote school bus ridership,” he said. “We certainly want ‘Love the Bus’ to be a yearlong, ongoing national campaign to show appreciation for the safest, most environmentally friendly way for our children to get to and from school.”

Barrineau pointed out that visitors can access Love the Bus information, statistics and curriculum from the ASBC homepage. He added the council also plans to redesign another related site, Schoolbusfacts.com, which it created in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Now more than ever, Barrineau said it is “critical” for the decision makers and general public to understand the value the yellow school bus brings to our public education system.

“We’ve seen school bus funding cuts constantly being debated in cities and states,” said Barrineau. “When this funding gets cut, it puts children in danger, harms the environment, affects commutes for adults, putting an increased burden on them, and it also affects the trained professionals who are doing their jobs in the school bus community.”

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