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IC Bus, Rosco Vision Systems Target School Bus Blindspots

IC Bus collaborated with Rosco Vision Systems to develop a purpose-built, full-view camera solution that eliminates blind spots on both CE and RE Series school buses.

IC Bus surveyed bus drivers through their DriverFirst customer forum dedicated to better understanding and addressing behind-the-wheel issues affecting ergonomics and efficiency when transporting students. The company learned that drivers demand enhanced views especially for bus stops, and the need to reduce or eliminate blind spots.

David Terry, communications manager at Navistar, said IC Bus considers bus drivers to be at the center of the company’s innovation efforts designed to make both the drivers and their student passengers safe and satisfied. Through DriverFirst, IC Bus recognized a higher demand of awareness levels by the driver.

“We co-designed a unique product for IC Bus that transcends ‘off-the-shelf’ automotive solutions that [does] not address the blind spots of a large commercial vehicle. Instead, we focused on providing a visual safety solution that offers the driver the best views to make the job of driving a school bus easier and safer,” added Trish Reed, vice president and general manager for IC Bus.

IC Bus and Rosco said the purpose-built school bus camera technology functions as a commercial application, compared to an automotive solution that is currently available on the market. camera system

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