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NASDPTS Announces Proposed Bylaw Changes

Members of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) will consider six proposed changes to its bylaws during the Annual Conference held later this month in Arlington, Virginia.

NASDPTS Executive Director Ronna Weber highlighted the proposals in an email on Oct. 6. Two of the proposals deal with the association president seat. Following the resignation of Pat Schofill in June as the president-elect, Weber noted that the NASDPTS board of directors needed clarity on how to handle vacancies, resignations and expulsions of the president-elect, president and past president.

“We haven’t changed the intent, only clarified how the process works,” added Weber. “We did add that if a past president is not available then the position can remain vacant until one is available to serve.”

Members will also consider a requirement that serving as a committee chair be an added criterion for being named president elect, along with serving on the board.

The State National Association Council, or SNAC, may also be renamed to the State Transportation Associations Council (STAC). Weber wrote that the SNAC executive committee already approved the change during a recent Zoom meeting.

Weber added that STAC “more accurately reflects who the council is and also removes the opportunity for national associations to join NASDPTS under this category. If the full SNAC membership does not approve the proposal later this month, Weber said it will be removed from the vote scheduled for the larger NASDPTS annual membership meeting vote.

Another proposal from the World Resources Institute would create a new membership dues category for think tanks.

Weber added that several minor clarifying and technical suggestions will also be on the table.

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