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‘The Bus Stops Here’ for Krapf with Pennsylvania Association Award

Dale Krapf, chairman of the board of directors for school bus contractor the Krapf Group, received the seventh Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) “The Bus Stops Here Award” last month, to commemorate over 50 years of dedication to the industry.

Krapf received the award during the PSBA Annual Convention and Trade Show, held June 23-24. The award cited his significant contributions to the association, and for upholding its safety and education ideals. Krapf is also one of the founding members of the PSBA and served as its president from 1984 to 1986. He continues to serve as an ex-officio member of the PSBA Board of Directors.

Krapf School Bus is a family-owned and operated transportation business that was established in 1942 by George Krapf, Jr., Dale’s father. Dale joined the company full-time in 1967 and has dedicated himself to the school bus profession for the past 52 years.

“It is quite a compliment to receive such a prestigious award for embodying something which I am so passionate about and to which I have devoted my entire professional career,” Dale Krapf told School Transportation News. “The school bus industry is a rewarding yet challenging line of work, and in staying true to my father’s advice to, ‘Always give back to your industry.’”

During the recognition ceremony, a tribute video featured interviews with Ray Leibensperger, a fellow-founding member and PSBA past-president, and Elaine Farrell, PSBA’s executive director. The video featured both of them sharing memories of working with Dale.

“We are proud to be able to present this well-deserved honor to Dale Krapf,” announced Richard Wolfington, Jr., PSBA’s current president. “His tireless commitment to our association and industry continues to benefit our members and the children we transport every day.”

Blake Krapf, Dale’s son and current president and CEO of Krapf Bus, as well as the past-president of the National School Transportation Association, said he can’t think of someone more deserving to be recognized by PSBA.

“The local and national school bus associations are integral to our industry, providing a strong voice for advocacy and exceptional safety, and invaluable resources and networking opportunities for its members,” Blake Krapf said. “For many years, our family has been exceedingly dedicated to the Pennsylvania School Bus Association, as well as the National School Bus Association. I can’t think of someone more deserving to be recognized by PSBA with The Bus Stops Here Award than my father.”

Dale Krapf also served as president of the National School Transportation Association and is still currently active within that organization.

The Bus Stops Here Award goes to a student transportation professional who has made a significant contribution to the PSBA. Upon nomination, the executive committee affirms that the nominee is respected, and held as a role model with their peers, school administrators and members of the community. The recipient also upholds the core values of the association and has made contributions to its mission.

Dale Krapf wasn’t the first in his family to receive this award, following in the footsteps of brother Dallas, who was honored in 2010.

In a Q&A published by Vista. Today with the Krapf Brothers, Dale and Dallas said they both never regretted joining the family business, adding that they grew up in the shop. The duo had a role in the upkeeping of it from the time they were six years old.

The full list of previous winners of the PSBA The Bus Stops Here Award are listed below:

2009 – George R. Romano, Jr.
2010 – Dallas L. Krapf
2011 – Donald S. Hagey
2015 – Harold Girardat
2017 – Randall L. Smith
2018 – Bill Moore
2019 – Dale N. Krapf

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