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The Power of Unlocking the Mind Revealed by STN EXPO Indy Keynote Speaker

INDIANAPOLIS – Hypnotist Wayne Lee returned to STN EXPO Indianapolis attendees, this time for his keynote session on how to achieve a positive and elevated mindset.

Lee had already addressed a room full of transportation directors at the Transportation Director Summit on Saturday during a full day of networking and leadership training. Many of the attendees who participated in the hypnosis demonstration on Saturday made their way to the front of the room for a second time to experience the “Trance-formation” once again.

During Monday morning’s keynote session, Lee explained that while he has been performing hypnosis for 30 years, his job many years ago was as a teacher in Vermont. While in that position, he was asked to demonstrate his skills on school district employees. He recounted one individual in particular who was one of the “funniest and most outrageous” people he had ever hypnotized. This person was Tom, a school bus driver, who went on to own a fleet of school buses and recommended Lee to other student transportation professionals.

“The one thing that stops all of us is fear,” said Lee.

He added that the fear of making a mistake or looking bad in front of others is what keeps us from reaching our personal and professional capabilities. He referenced the habits and mindsets of high achievers, such as Olympic athletes, noting that the difference between the average person and those individuals is not some pre-arranged destiny or fate. They used, Lee explained, their internal resources to manage stress and reach their goals.

Attendees are hypnotized during the keynote on Monday, June 3, 2024 at STN EXPO Indianapolis.
Attendees are hypnotized during the keynote on Monday, June 3, 2024 at STN EXPO Indianapolis.

Lee listed the three qualities of these exceptional individuals saying that they “plan for the future, know what they want and live in the now.”

Lee called volunteers to the stage and demonstrated how quickly the mind can be convinced to accept a suggestion. Even the attendees who were originally skeptical about the effects of hypnosis were quickly put to sleep, or open to the suggestions from Lee. Attendees cheered and laughed as the individuals on stage responded to cue, such as to play an invisible instrument.

Lee noted that the attendees were not actually asleep, but simply free from inhibitions that would keep them from otherwise being themselves. He explained that every decision creates a result, thus inaction or action is controlled directly by how willing we are to let go of internal fears and hesitations. He continued with more demonstrations of hypnosis where the participants would show their best dance moves with seemingly little to no awareness of the audience reaction. Using the acronym of the word dance: Dynamic and Natural Creative Expression. He said this is something we share when we have no fear or inhibition.

The three words that Lee identified as negative programming were “try, can’t and but.” He explained that this programming is simply a habit, ingrained into our subconsciousness and that it can be overcome by changing the way we view everyday stressful situations.

“Look at a situation as a problem or a possibility. If it is a problem, great, make it a possibility,” he said, adding that dealing with change isn’t about changing the circumstances, it’s about staying true to who you are.

Demonstrated through the individuals on stage, Lee explained that self-hypnosis is not only possible but something we do every day. Beyond ourselves, he said, it is also possible to inspire and influence others through our confidence and acting despite the fear. By making that decision, “you give permission to others to do the same.”

Lee noted two things he wanted the audience to take away from his presentation. “There are two beliefs. Anything is possible and you’re unlimited,” he explained. “If you believe that, you’ll find a way.”

Bringing creativity to challenges by putting aside the critical, analytical mind allows for us to move from a frozen state to a flow state, where great things can be accomplished, Lee said.

“Think of a goal, something you really want to achieve,” he continued. “Program in confidence and the expectation that you’re going to achieve it.” By doing this, he said it allows us to connect to your imagination and achieve the dream.

Lee’s final hypnosis demonstration illustrated the power of switching from negative, unattractive thoughts to positive, attractive ones. He told the participants that they would first see him as unattractive, as evidenced by their facial expressions. But then, when given the suggestion that he was not the most attractive man in the world, the participants left their seats to dance with Lee.

“You’re one thought away from feeling better, one thought away from a breakthrough,” said Lee. He encouraged attendees to take at least six minutes a day to center themselves saying that it takes time to learn how to open your mind to the world of positive possibilities.

Karyn Such, director of safety and training operations at Suffolk Transportation Service in New York volunteered to be hypnotized both at the Transportation Director Summit and at the keynote session. She described her experience as very interesting saying that it didn’t feel like she was being hypnotized. “I think I’d bring it back to work with all his [Lee’s] positive feedback and get rid of all the negative words that we use. It was definitely a great time,” she said.

Lee concluded the session with the advice to, “Feel good now and you will perform as the champion you are. Feel this energy throughout the day, a pulse of power that you always had access to.”

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