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Car Drives Around Stopped Houston School Bus, Hits Student

HOUSTON, Texas — A Houston elementary school student was hit by a car on April 10 in the middle of an intersection, after the car allegedly drove around a school bus that was stopped with its red lights flashing, Houston police said.

Houston Police said the approx. 3 p.m. accident “could have been avoided,” reported ABC 13. The child was immediately transported by paramedics to a nearby hospital, news reports said. No further details about the status of the victim have been released. The incident is still being investigated.

Police related that a woman drove around the stopped school bus while it was unloading passengers, and disregarded the flashing red lights.

The Houston Police Department noted that “One of our students at Longfellow Elementary School was struck and injured by a car that passed a stopped school bus this afternoon.”

Just one month before that, on March 7, the driver of a Houston ISD school bus hit and killed a bicyclist “who inadvertently slid under the vehicle … while trying to avoid a collision,” reported the Houston Chronicle.

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