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High School Bus Driver Receives Public Safety Award for Acts During Medical Emergency

Reporting out of Colorado, the Aspen Times said that school bus driver Dan LeVan was honored by the Basalt Police Department for a courageous act of selflessness.

After a vehicle accelerated out of control across a field—its driver having lost consciousness at the wheel—and sped towards Basalt High School, LeVan steered his bus between the vehicle and campus.

Upon hitting a dirt embankment, the vehicle came to a halt just prior to colliding with the school bus.

The Basalt Police Department recognized LeVan before Basalt High School students and staff at an all-school meeting.

The officers presented LeVan, who also works in the high school special education department, with a public safety award.

“We feel his efforts were an outstanding example of his dedication to the safety of the entire Basalt High School community and the town of Basalt,” police Chief Greg Knott said. “We are impressed and grateful for Mr. LeVan’s actions.”

LeVan said the police department’s acknowledgment and award came as “a total surprise.”

“I felt like I didn’t do very much,” he said. “To me, it just seemed like common sense.”

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