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North Carolina Pushes for Electric School Buses to Cut Carbon Emissions

North Carolina businesses and advocacy groups want Gov. Roy Cooper to implement new heavy-duty electric vehicle rules by the end of next year, reported Public News Service.

These businesses and advocacy groups say that the rules would help the state cut carbon emission and reduce the impacts of climate change. According to the news article, the move comes as the U.S. Supreme Court has set limits on the ability of federal regulations to implement policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Suzanne Merkelson, state policy and government affairs at the commercial vehicle manufacturer ARRIVAL, said via the article that “semi and garbage trucks and school buses on the road spew pollution and have disproportionate impact on carbon emissions.”

The Advance Clean Trucks rule would reportedly require a certain percentage of all heavy-duty vehicles to run on clean energy. Furthermore, the Heavy-Duty Omnibus Rule would curb the amount of toxic pollution that trucks running on fossil fuels are allowed to emit.

Two years ago, North Carolina joined more than a dozen states in signing a joint memorandum of understanding committing to electrifying new vehicles by 2050.

Although critics of EV’s pointed out their cost and the increased need for rare minerals, Merkelson pointed to research showing medium and heavy-duty electric vehicle’s numerous benefits to air quality and human health.

Merkelson also stated that both the Advance Clean Truck rule and the Heavy-Duty Omnibus Rule will bring a boost to local economies.

She said that ARRIVAL is slated to begin production on an electric bus and van at a manufacturing facility in Charlotte by the end of the year.

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