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School Bus Transformed into a Camper and Workshop

Nowadays converting a school bus into a traveling Motorhome is fairly common but none of them have been like “Gordo’s wild build” complete with a crane and full workshop, reported Motor 1. com.

Back in 2003, Gordo, referenced in the article only by this name, converted a 2003 Blue Bird school bus into a motorhome. He removed the rear section and created space for a porch or covered storage.

He can mount a crane to the roof rack for unloading his work benches, one of which is full of welding gear. The other one holds power tools and fasteners.

Because Gordo created the rear area, he was forced to relocate the fuel tank closer to the front of the bus. He also added a second tank as well. They do not only run the engine, but also the generator and heater.

Batteries now occupy the space where the door was, and for more power solar cells are on the roof.

Although the cockpit has a lot of controls for all the various electrical systems and generators, he has a separate laptop simply for debugging this system. Gordo’s next plans include adding a sink inside. There are many storage places throughout the bus, as well as little cabinets and a fabric wall that holds all sorts of miscellaneous gear.

At the back of the bus there is a raised bed with drawers underneath it. On top, the bus has a full roof which can be used to haul long pieces of lumber or steel, even a bicycle.

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