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Teen Shot at Florida School Bus Stop With Stolen Gun

A Florida teen was shot at a school bus stop by another young man with a stolen gun, reports. 

A witness said he heard several shots early Tuesday morning and ran outside to find a 13-year-old lying at the bus stop with gunshot wounds.

The student was taken to the hospital and later in the day was listed in stable condition. Several schools in the area were temporarily placed on lockdown.

Crestview police later arrested a 15-year-old suspect and recovered the gun they believe he used to shoot the 13-year-old.

“This young man simply stole this gun from an unlocked vehicle and used it to shoot another child,” confirmed Brian Hughes, public information officer for the Crestview Police Department.

“It is an ongoing problem that we have been having for most of this year,” Hughes noted. “We have been trying and trying and trying to get the word out to people to please lock your darn vehicle. And I guess the word was not reaching everybody.”

The witness shared that the neighborhood has seen an increase in crime over the past decade and that he fears for his elementary-age children who also catch their school buses at that stop.

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