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Driver on Phone Almost Hits Mom, Student Getting Off School Bus

A mother and student getting off a school bus were almost struck by a distracted driver who is believed to have been on her phone, reports CBS Boston.

The incident happened in central Massachusetts last Friday. Ashley Makridakis was disembarking with her daughter Lyla from the school bus, which was stopped with its stop arm out on a two-lane road, when an SUV approached in the oncoming traffic lane.

The school bus driver blared his horn as the SUV blew right past Makridakis and her daughter without even slowing. It was going so fast that police say they could not decipher the license plate. The school bus driver saw that the woman driving the SUV was on her phone.

Makridakis, crying, expressed gratitude to the bus driver for warning them with the horn. On the bus dashcam video, she and Lyla can be seen frozen, hugging each other for a few seconds after the SUV goes by.

“Your irresponsible reckless actions almost left two boys orphaned and my husband without a wife or daughter,” was the infuriated mother’s message to the SUV driver.

The bus driver reported that the district did not require drivers to fill out reporting forms on illegal passing incidents because there were just too many that happened in a day.

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