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Watch: Denver Public Schools Transportation Employees Involved in Altercation with Parent

CBS Denver reported that a school bus driver, a paraprofessional and a 32-year-old mother of a child on the bus got into a physical altercation when students were not allowed to exit the vehicle.

The school bus was coming from Denver Green School last Wednesday, Sept. 18, when the driver reportedly had to stop twice to address student behavioral issues on the bus. After the second incident, the driver and the paraprofessional kept the students on board until security arrived. This reportedly drew the ire of parents who were waiting at the bus stop.

A video of the incident shows a mother fighting her way onto the bus to retrieve her child. The mother reportedly struck one of the transportation employees in the face with a closed fist. Police arrested her for assault.

The victim sustained visible injuries to his face and was transported to Denver Health to treat his injuries.

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However, Denver Public Schools officials reported that the employees could have handled the situation differently. Both the paraprofessional and the driver were reportedly placed on administrative leave.

The case remains under investigation.

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