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Roundup: Mobile Food Program Delivers Food and Smiles, A Tax Rate for Transportation and More

A dozen smiling youngsters boarded a school bus, but they weren't going to school. They were sitting down to eat lunch. The repurposed bus is one of two mobile cafeterias that visit children where they live and play. Every weekday this summer, the buses bearing "KIDS EAT FREE" signs on the windows and modified to have cafe-style benches and tables inside, travel across the county delivering lunches to children who might otherwise go without. The program began June 8, and so far the district has been serving an average of 275 children in the north community and an average of 225 children in the south community, with numbers increasing daily. "It puts a smile on our faces seeing them running up to the bus," said an Oslo Middle School cafeteria manager. "They're waiting on us to get here, so it makes us feel good when we make that turn."

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STN Webinar Discusses Terrorism, Schools and Buses

The use of a violence and intimidation to instill fear is firmly established within society. Terrorism is such an aspect of the modern world that while the death and mayhem associated with the act may ebb and flow from year to year, the violence is unlikely to ever diminish. 

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What's the Code Word?

The special needs school bus pulls up and no parent or family member is home to receive the child. Go figure. With more than 500 special needs students on Tempe Elementary school buses every afternoon, even a one-percent occurrence is a huge problem to an otherwise well-choreographed routing system. 

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