Safety & Security

School Bus AVL & GPS: More than just global positioning and vehicle location

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) and global positioning system (GPS) technology goes way beyond simple bleeps on a computer screen telling you where your buses are traveling. These systems can tell you bus speed, number of students onboard, drop-off times, when your oil needs to be changed, and about a million other bits of information that used to come from the mouths of drivers instead of from information relayed through a WiFi or cellular connection.

Asleep at the Wheel?

We have all either suffered from it or tossed and turned in bed trying to ignore it — that loud, cavernous snore that seems to come from deep within yourself or a loved one. It’s been the brunt of a number of small- and big-screen jokes, but it’s become less and less of a laughing matter. Snoring can be the sign of a greater problem: sleep apnea.