Safety & Security

Being Prepared for the Unexpected

Roll overs, terrorists, natural disasters and weapons — school districts are staying ahead of the curve to keep students safe.

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Emergency situations can come in many forms: a tornado tearing a path through the middle of town, a gun-wielding criminal who sees the yellow bus and decides to use it as a getaway car, or an overturned school bus filled with children who have no idea what to do to get to safety.

New Direction for School Bus Watch Unveiled

The name Don L. Rondeau might not ring an immediate bell in the school bus community. But it resonates in most security and anti-terrorism circles, and he’s making a conscious effort to embrace the yellow bus. In his own words, “The nation’s most critical assets are our children.”

Federal School Bus Safety Week Resolution Passes

WASHINGTON, D.C. — By an overwhelming majority, the U.S. House of Representatives passed in July a resolution recognizing School Bus Safety Week. The measure was introduced last fall by Rep. Jimmy Duncan (R-TN). All three major school bus associations — NAPT, NSTA and NASDPTS — supported the proposal and over the past several months urged their members to send letters of support to their individual congressmen.

Taking a Risk to Avoid Risk

Best-laid plans help school districts and transportation departments deal with the inevitable

School transportation professionals can’t see every incident on the horizon. But they can certainly arm themselves for uncertainty and stand prepared to deal with whatever comes their way.

Preventing a Deadly Chase

Nearly as many students were killed in 2005 chasing down buses along the driver’s side while the bus made a right-hand turn as were killed in onboard accidents, according to a study conducted by School Transportation News. Experts suggest future deaths might be prevented through the combined efforts of school districts, drivers and parents.

Getting Kids Safely to and from Prom

The following tips are from the non-profit National Limousine Association:

Ask your friends or family for a referral. The starting point for all personal services should be recommendations from friends or family. If they received courteous service from a polite chauffeur in a clean attractive vehicle then by all means, call for a reservation today!

Preventing the Possibility

How school districts can protect their students from solicitation and abduction to and from school

Numbers can be helpful and frightening all at once. Six hundred and three thousand. That figure represents the number of sexual offenders registered in the U.S. One hundred thousand. That number represents convicted offenders who are not registered; some of them are literally missing.