April 2019

    Superintendent of the year, contracting out student transportation, growing school districts and more.

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    Cover Story 

    Making Change
    Dr. Curtis Jones, Jr. was recently named the 2019 AASA National Superintendent of the year. The retired U.S Army Lieutenant colonel uses the leadership he learned in the military to improve Bibb County School District in Georgia.


    Contracting Student Transportation
    School districts are considering outsourcing for all or parts of their transportation services, in order to keep costs down and combat driver shortages.

    Growth Spurt
    Transportation departments are adapting to the growing needs of their school districts, by offering additional training and higher pay to employees.

    Fuel Fun(ds)
    School districts weigh in on how they hope to use Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund dollars for new school bus purchases.

    Purchasing Power
    Purchasing cooperatives help to consolidate purchasing, lower prices are helpful when specifying new buses.

    Special Report

    School Bus Transparency
    A recent New York City law highlights the importance of apps that provide parents with real-time updates about the location of their children’s school bus.


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