April 2022

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Wentzville School
District. Photo
editing by
Kimber Horne.

This month’s issue features in-depth talks with the National Superintendent of the Year winner Curtis Cain, along with the other finalists. Also read more about the hot topics in the industry like new technology and fleet electrification, as well as strategies to build better relationships and trust within transportation departments. 

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Cover Story

One Common Goal
Dr. Curtis Cain of Wentzville School District in Missouri won this year’s National Superintendent of The Year award. Hear from him and the other three finalists on the importance of student transportation operations. 


Preparing for Propane & Electric as Funds Start
With a rise in popularity of electric school buses, transportation directors are weighing their options and requirements, such as infrastructure, when it comes to adding alternative fuels and energy to their fleets.

Transportation directors share how today’s technology has reduced the stress of driving routes, compared to when they first started in the industry. 

Special Reports

Building the Bridge Between Administration and Transportation
Administrators and transportation employees share advice for cultivating better relationships with and understanding of one another. 

Fulfilling Appetites
Offering parent apps to the community is only half the battle. The success of such programs relies on continued outreach to and training of parents to get them to actually use the technology. 

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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Nothing Short of Super

Thought Leader by Robert T. Pudlewski
Influencing the Growth of the EV School Bus Market

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Ease Your Staffing Shortages

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