February 2019

    The school bus garage issue focuses on the ideal shop, mechanic training and combating maintenance issues. 

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    Cover Story 

    Garage Evolution 
    George Davis and staff in Fayetteville, Georgia share their dream shop, the result of ever-increasing technology on school buses, new maintenance requirements, and a need to increase work efficiency and safety.


    Remote Monitoring of School Buses: A New Standard? 
    To combat school bus maintenance issues, student transporters are getting proactive with real-time vehicle health updates.

    Support of the Cleaner Trucks Initiative 
    The EPA is updating its NOx standards for the first time in over two decades. Some districts worry the update will be the latest expensive engine mandate, while others see further motivation to switch fuel types.

    Special Report

    In Demand: School bus Mechanic Training 
    Modern school bus technicians are facing more and more challenges. With them come a balancing act between additional training and safety best-practices.


    Thought Leader by Robert T. Pudlewski
    The Ebb and Flow of Managing School Bus Parts Inventory

    Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
    In the Market for an Upgrade

    Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
    Let’s Learn from our Mistakes


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