February 2022

Cover design by Kimber Horne

The February issue of School Transportation News contains articles on school bus safety technology, the newest air purification systems, staying on top of ELDT requirements, addressing the impact of COVID-19 on student transportation and more!

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Chained Perceptions
As most of society carries cards around daily, why not implement that technology to students to further increase safety while on the school bus?

The Culture of Safety
School bus trainers share how they have altered their training curriculum to include the new Entry-Level Driver Training requirements in an attempt to further eliminate risk.

Using Technology to Address Bus Stop Safety
Besides catching video of motorists passing stopped school buses, stop-arm cameras are also. recording altercations and other incidents around student bus stops.

Special Reports

Added Pressure
The coronavirus pandemic forced districts to look not only at their cleaning practices, but also their chosen cleaning solutions. Yet dwindling budgets play a role.

A New Safety Component to the Yellow School Bus: Air Purification
As more variants of COVID-19 emerge, so do new safety components now associated with the yellow school bus: purification systems.


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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Does Taking a Peek ‘Under the Hood’ Impact Driver Shortage?

Thought Leader by Matthew W. Daus
Legal Outlook: School Bus Operator Compliance with COVID-19 Vaccine Regulations

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Future of School Transportation

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