January 2024

A student in a wheelchair secured by Q’Straint Photo by Vincent Rios Creative.
A student in a wheelchair
secured by Q’Straint
Photo by Vincent Rios Creative.

The first issue of 2024 features an in-depth look at the transportation of students with special needs, including passenger securement in wheelchairs, the benefits of alternative fuel, the role of IEP’s and behavioral management strategies.

Also, recap the 2023 TSD Conference, see 2024 STN conference dates and learn more about the school bus seatbelt debate.

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Cover Story

All Passengers Secure
Properly securing wheelchairs in school buses is not enough. The students seated in them must also be secured.


A School Bus Supplement
Vans are becoming more popular for student transportation, but experts caution that the vehicles shouldn’t be used merely to address school bus driver shortages. And they still aren’t safer than school buses.

TSD Conference Recap

Special Reports

A Smoother, Quieter Ride for Students with Special Needs
Students with disabilities stand to benefit the greatest from transportation in electric and propane school buses.

Ad Index

Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Logic, Real-World Experiences Needed in Seatbelt Debate

Thought Leader by Linda Bluth
The Role of the Individualized Education Program Committee in School Transportation Vehicle Selection

Thought Leader by Belinda Govich
Nurturing Positive Student Bus Behavior: Effective Management Strategies

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Are School Buses Really An Extension of the Classroom?


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