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July 2022

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This month’s issue includes features on battery thermal management, managing the “squeeze” from supply chain issues, recap of the crash test at STN EXPO Indianapolis & more about unique conference experiences! Also, learn more about winner of the inaugural Innovator of the Year award, Alex Cook of First Student!

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Cover Story

More Power To You
With decisions to be made on selecting electric school buses, transportation leaders also need to be aware of the importance of battery thermal management. 


The Great Innovator
Meet Alex Cook of First Student, winner of the inaugural Innovator of the Year award, for engineering a new charging infrastructure solution for electric school buses. 

Hands-On Experience
Take advantage of the Green Bus Summit at STN EXPO Reno this month. Attendees will have the opportunity to ride and drive various alternative fuel and energy school buses. 

Refocusing on Passenger Safety
Attendees shared at last month’s STN EXPO Indy that witnessing a mock school bus crash has made them greater advocates for lap/shoulder seatbelts.

Taking the Longview
Readers say COVID-induced cleaning practices aren’t going away any time soon, despite expiring funds. 

Special Reports
Photo Finish: STN EXPO Indianapolis 
Reflect on the laughs, learning and networking at the Crossroads of America last month. 

The Squeeze Felt Around the World
With the Supply Chain Crunch of 2022 expected to extend into 2023, industry professionals discuss the effect of shortages as well as inflation on their operations. 

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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Passenger Safety First

Thought Leader by Cristian Lepe & Dr. Lisa Gonzales 
How to Recession-Proof Your Transportation Department

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
What’s Your Promise?


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