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June 2020

June Cover 2020
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This month’s issue of STN discusses the coronavirus pandemic and how transportation directors are preparing to transport students again.

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COVID-19 ‘Downtime’
The coronavirus pandemic has caused most normal operations to come to a halt across the school transportation industry. However, transportation directors are saving money on fuel costs and able to work on their fleets in the meantime.

A New World
Transportation directors agreed that continuing to pay employees and continuously communicating with them during COVID-19 closures can boost morale, as can continued health benefits and incentives.

The Push & Pull of Staff Shortages
Will the school bus driver and mechanic shortage improve amid a new recession? Or will it worsen with older “at-risk” employees deciding the job isn’t worth it anymore? The coronavirus pandemic leaves more questions than answers for transportation directors.

Special Reports

Where’s the Start Line?
As the industry tries to find its bearings in a sea of COVID-19 uncertainty, school bus contractors point to challenges they and all student transporters face. Meanwhile, a new industry task force starts work on providing guidance.

Precious Cargo at a Price
Updated training policies, relying on parents and alternative providers, purchasing more school buses, and hiring more drivers are only some of the solutions transportation experts shared when discussing how to transport students with special needs going forward.


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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
It Takes a Pandemic to Prove the Power of Yellow

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Communication, Compassion and Trust

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