November 2019

    Meet our 2019 Transportation Director of the Year, Greg Jackson, from Jefferson County Schools in Colorado. This month’s issue also covers electric school buses, the driver shortage and more.

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    Cover Story

    Running Towards Every Challenge
    Greg Jackson is known throughout Colorado for his charismatic personality and relationship-driven style of leadership—two reasons why he was chosen as this years’ “Transportation Director of the Year.”


    All Charged Up
    Electric school bus options are not only becoming increasingly popular with school districts, but also with local utility companies that seek to create sustainable energy grids.

    Salary Figures
    The school bus driver shortage continues nationwide, despite a slight rise in the average hourly wage. How else can school districts attract new applicants and retain current staff?

    Special Reports

    Parents are expecting school districts to include the latest technology on their buses. The result is a greater reliance on integrated solutions from multiple vendors.

    Busing for School Integration Lacks Support
    The U.S Supreme Court in the 1990s said busing was no longer needed to desegregate schools. But is school choice now contributing to a new lack of racial diversity?


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    Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
    Good Leaders and the Mentors Who Believed in Them

    Thought Leader by Linda Bluth
    Let’s Talk: School Reform and Safe Transportation Challenges

    Thought Leader by Gregg Prettyman
    The ‘Gig Economy’ — New Rules, New Risks for School Districts

    Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
    The Cross-Generational Workforce