October 2022

Gilbert Blue Feather Rosas poses
before the 2022 STN EXPO Reno
Trade Show in July.
Photo by Vincent Rios Creative

This month’s issue features the 2022 Rising Stars and how they are going above and beyond at their organizations. Learn more about alternative transportation, new technology to streamline routing, how to navigate rising prices and shipping delays, as well as the top safety challenges onboard the school bus including wheelchair securement and bullying.

Check out the TSD Conference Preview for details on next month’s conference including agenda, speakers, schedule, vendors and more!

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Cover Story

Breaking His Own Record
Meet 10 transportation professionals who are standing out by implementing innovative solutions and pushing their transportation organizations to new heights.


A Bus of Different Color
Using non-yellow-bus (or at least non-CDL) transportation options are helping school districts navigate the driver shortage as well as cut costs while still providing service students need.

Routing at School Startup: A Never-Ending Challenge
Transportation directors share how technological solutions have eased routing challenges, especially amid school start up.

Targeted: Training Meets Wheelchair Lift, Securement Demands
Wheelchair securement is getting more complicated, as parents expect all wheelchairs can be properly installed in school buses. Training is the answer.

Special Reports

Power Supply
Should rising engine, battery and vehicle prices combined with new purchase delivery delays cause student transporters to reevaluate their maintenance operations?

No Bullies Allowed
Bullying is an age-old issue that seemingly will never go away. Instead, the ways of and the reasons for bullying are constantly changing, and the school bus is a proving ground.

TSD Conference Preview
The Transporting Students with Disabilities and Special Needs officially moves to November. Learn more about the topics, speakers and exhibitors scheduled for next month, Nov. 8 – 13, in Frisco, Texas.

Ad Index

Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
TSD at 30: Much the Same Yet …

Thought Leader by Robert Pudlewski
School Bus Evolution: Fleet for the Future

Thought Leader by Linda Bluth with Kimberly Martin
Working in Partnership to Enhance School Bus Safety for Children with Disabilities

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Sound the Alarm

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