2015 TSD Conference Workshop Presentations Available Online

Powerpoint presentations of workshop sessions from this year’s TSD Conference held in March in Frisco, Texas, are now available for download at tsdconference.com.

The Powerpoints can be accessed two different ways on the website. From the home page, simply scroll below the main image to see and click a button called “2015 Workshop Presentations Now Available.” Or, visitors can select the “Workshop Presentations” drop-down menu option under the “Workshops” tab near the top of the website. 

Organized by workshop tracks, the Powerpoints are the same ones presented to attendees at the conference, and were included in each main conference attendee’s flash drive. But now anyone interested can view and download any presentation at their leisure and use them as a resource back at their operations. 

Don’t miss the 2016 TSD Conference, scheduled for March 11-16, 2016 in Louisville, Ky.