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Student Transportation Company Adopts School Bus Optimization Technology to Improve Operations and Safety

CHICAGO, Ill. -One of the Midwest’s largest and most respected student transportation contractors is introducing a fast-growing technology suite designed to bridge the gap between routing and GPS tracking solutions.

Palmer Bus , which operates approximately 750 buses serving over 20 districts in the state of Minnesota, will be leveraging the Bytecurve360 platform to help fleet managers more efficiently manage their dispatch, driver communications, and payroll.

Bytecurve is among the fastest-growing student transportation software solutions, serving dozens of private and public organizations managing roughly 40,000 school bus drivers today.

“Bytecurve is a revolutionary program that has fundamentally redefined the way we execute our Time and Labor processes. Bytecurve represents the culmination of our desire to be at the forefront of our industry and to successfully grow as a multi-locational company. It embodies our unwavering commitment to serving our communities by safely transporting students,” said Jenna Fromm, Chief Executive Office, Palmer Bus.

“For too long, our industry’s complex pay structure has stood as a formidable barrier to paying our employees accurately and in a timely manner. Bytecurve shatters those barriers by providing a comprehensive and easy to use solution that empowers the passenger/school bus transportation industry to instantly track, report, and update ‘by the minute.’

“With Bytecurve, we are not simply offering a new tool; we are extending a helping hand to our managers, our tasked-based employees, and the communities we serve. We believe in the transformative power of Bytecurve’s ability to enable reliable and efficient operations through robust scheduling, dispatch, and time and attendance functions.”

Bytecurve fills a long unmet need in the student transportation industry connecting data between routing software and GPS tracking.

Its key offerings include:

Drag-and-drop dispatching, allowing managers to simply manage drivers, vehicles and routes in real-time, increasing responsiveness and flexibility

A powerful mobile app that connects drivers to operations, empowering both payroll and instant communications

Absence management features to quickly pivot operations to better manage chronic absenteeism across the industry

A simple dashboard that instantly alerts dispatchers of late or missed drivers to facilitate reassignments so routes don’t run late or go unmet

Based in Mankato, Minnesota, and co-owned by sisters Jenna Fromm and Hollie Johnson, Palmer Bus is a family-owned and operated organization with approximately 750 buses. It leverages both routing software and a GPS tracking solution to facilitate its operations that span the state of Minnesota and help it safely transport students.

Bytecurve CEO and Founder GP Singh said the majority of clients using Bytecurve are looking for a way to connect data between routing and GPS tracking to gain a more well-rounded view of their operations.

Fromm concurred. “I am confident that Bytecurve will leave an indelible mark on the landscape of the bus transportation industry.”

About Palmer Bus: Palmer Bus Service began in St. Clair, MN, in 1974, with eight buses and a dream. It is a family-owned and operated business and has grown with the hard work and commitment of many individuals. Palmer Bus is committed to our Purpose and Core Values: safety and quality of service, honesty and integrity, treating others with dignity, helping each other and serving our communities first.

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