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South Carolina School Bus Driver Threatens Misbehaving Students with Taser

A South Carolina school bus driver pulled out a stun gun on a group of middle schoolers while driving the school bus because they “got rowdy,” reported The State.

The incident reportedly occurred last week, when the driver, whose identity was not revealed at this writing, was transporting a group of Carver Middle School students home.

According to the news report, there a disruption on the bus caused the driver to pull out the pink stun gun with a flashlight attached to quiet the group of students, which the driver perceived as unruly. She did not use it.

The driver was placed on administrative leave but resigned shortly thereafter.

Spartanburg School District Superintendent Russell Booker told local news reporters, “I’ve been doing these 28 years, and this is my first time dealing with anything like this.”

He added the veteran driver had no previous disciplinary record.

Booker said he plans to meet with faculty members to ensure they understand what’s allowed and what is not on school property.

According to the article deputies were called to the scene by the district, however, no parent filed police reports.

Police reportedly viewed a cell phone video recorded by a student on the bus, but it did not show the taser incident. Video footage from the school bus was not provided to news reporters.

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