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Tennessee Man Accused of Attempting to Kidnap Girls from School Bus Stop

A Nashville man is being accused of following teen girls to their school bus stop in an attempt to lure them into his car. A mother witnessed his suspicious actions and confronted him.

On Dec. 4, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said via a statement that 31-year-old Levi P. Combs followed three teen girls ages 13 and 15 as they walked to their school bus stop just before 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 30.

Combs was initially spotted by one of the teens as she walked alone toward the bus stop, and he began to follow her. When realizing she was being followed, the teen attempted to walk faster but Combs continued to match her speed.

The teen contacted her mother and told her she was being followed. According to the police, a second teen met up with the first girl and Combs continued to follow them using a breezeway to hide himself from the girls.

A third girl walked up to the bus stop and noticed one girl crying as Combs stared at them and walked closer. None of the girls were identified in this writing.

Andrea Dean, the mom who was initially contacted by her daughter arrived at the bus stop and confronted Combs, telling him to go away and to leave them alone. Police added that Combs told the mother he wanted to “talk to [the girls] in his car.” Dean proceeded to take pictures of Combs and later shared them with detectives.

Dean told local news reporters that the incident “was so scary, if I didn’t wake up, if I didn’t get the call, who knows what would have happened because it is so early in the morning that no one else was up,” she shared. “Even as we were yelling, no one else came out. It was just too early. As big as he was, he could’ve taken me.”

Hours after the incident, Combs, who lives just a mile from the school bus stop, was spotted trying to get inside a preschool building.

After being contacted by detectives on Dec. 1, Combs turned himself in and was charged with three counts of attempted kidnapping and three counts of assault by intimidation.

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