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Massachusetts Child Left on School Bus for Hours

A 5-year-old girl was left alone on her school bus in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and her family is demanding answers, reported CBS News.

The incident reportedly occurred on Dec. 2, when Riley Matton was supposed to be dropped off at Kiddie Kampus Childhood Development and Preschool Center, a school she’s been attending for a few years. However, after falling asleep on the bus she was left alone for about five hours unsupervised.

The girl’s father, Christopher Matton, told news reporters his daughter was screaming for somebody to heldp but nobody was around.

The news report added that Riley was buckled into her seat and unable to get out. She spent hours screaming for help.

The little girl was found around 1:30 p.m. by a supervisor at the bus lot and then transported back to Kiddie Kampus. Her father was told that she was marked present on the attendance sheet that morning. He added that he’s thankful Riley was not hurt but she is very scared.

It is unclear if the bus driver verified all the bus seats. However, police reportedly said they are interviewing the bus company, the bus driver, and school officials as they investigate the incident.

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