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Tennessee Mom Attacks Bus Driver After Son Can’t Get Off Bus

A mother attacked a Memphis Elementary school bus driver because the driver would not let her son be dropped off at a new location, reported Yahoo News.

According to the news report, on May 24 a student was on his bus ride home when he asked the bus driver to take him somewhere else after he did not get off at his regular stop.The bus driver reportedly told him it was against the rules and did not let him get off at the new stop.

The student then proceeded to call his mom, who reportedly drove up to the school bus a short time later. Police stated via the article the 30-year-old mother got out of her car carrying a baseball bat and started swinging it at the passenger side door, breaking the glass.

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, walked around to the driver’s side of the bus with the bat, despite the driver already opening the door to let her son out. She swung the bat at the driver, hitting him repeatedly in the arm.

Furthermore, the woman then reportedly broke the rearview mirror in the process before getting in her car and driving away.

Officers said the bus driver, whose identity was also not revealed, had to go to the hospital for treatment as he suffered severe swelling and bruising to his right arm and hand.

The student’s mother was arrested and charged with burglary, aggravated assault and vandalism on July 10.

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