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Carrollton Bus Crash Survivor Discusses Perils of Drinking and Driving

Quinton Higgins, one of 40 survivors of the Carrollton Bus Crash, has made the focus of his life to ensure that no similar incidents happen again, reported LEX18.

 The 1988 crash killed 27 and was the deadliest drunk driving crash in the nation’s history. Higgins suffered third-degree burns and the loss of his best friend. 

“Made me appreciate life and really made me want to make a difference,” Higgins explains to LEX 18’s Patrick Price.

Higgins has dedicated his time to educating students about the dangers of drinking and driving. 

“Kids get out here in their cars and they run across their friends that are going to, they’re going to experiment with drugs and alcohol, have the courage to say no,” said Higgins.

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