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Florida School Bus Driver Arrested After Girl is Left on Bus, Drove Around for Hours

A Florida school bus driver was arrested after she unknowingly drove around town for a few hours with a sleeping 4-year-old child on board, reported CBS 12.

According to the news report, Elizabeth Carrero picked up the child on Sept. 19 at her home at about 7:30 a.m. Carrero then drove the child and 11 other students to school and dropped them off about 15 minutes later.

However, the report states that Carrero only dropped off 11 of the 12 children, as the 4-year-old girl had fallen asleep, and the driver did not notice.

The child spent over three hours on the bus without being noticed until she woke up at approximately 11 a.m., said police via the article.

Carrero drove home and parked the bus. Soon thereafter, a neighbor noticed the child drenched in sweat getting off the parked bus. They knocked on Carrero’s door and eventually called the child’s parents to come pick her up.

Carrero reportedly turned herself in two weeks after the incident, on Oct. 5. She was charged with child neglect without great bodily harm.

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