Minnesota Man Will be Laid to Rest in School Bus Casket

Photo courtesy of Hindt Funeral Home.
Photo courtesy of Hindt Funeral Home.

Glen Paul Davis, a former school bus driver for Grand Meadow Public Schools, Minnesota, died on Saturday. He was 88, reported Kare 11.

Davis, also referred to as “Glennie” by the students, drove a school bus for 55 years for the district that is located about 25 miles south of Rochester, Minnesota. He began his driving career in 1949 and retired in 2005, reportedly without being involved in a single accident.

Davis will be laid to rest in a custom-built school bus casket that was designed by Jim Hindt of Hindt Funeral Home. The entire Hindt family reportedly painted and decorated the casket for Davis.

The idea originally started off as a joke, but Davis grew to love the idea. He reportedly showed anyone he met pictures of the casket.