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Minnesota School Bus Drivers Concerned After Gun-Related Incident

Public school bus drivers in Minneapolis are worried for themselves and their student’s safety after recent gun-related incidents, reported WCCO.

The drivers expressed their concerns after a substitute driver was threatened last week by a parent with a gun because he was upset because the bus was late.

Two weeks prior, a bus driver and students were allegedly put in harm’s way at a bus stop. Bus driver Sidney Nevils stated via the article that someone shot at the bus as it was approaching a student stop.

The gun incidents add to driver concerns about overcrowded buses that they fear could increase the spread of COVID-19. Due to the current bus driver shortage, the school buses are over capacity with 77 to 78 student passengers inside one bus.

Students are reportedly forced to sit two or three per seat without any social distancing. However, because the driver shortage continues, the article states there is little the district can do about it.

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